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Welcome to DimwitzComics.com

Actual FAKE praise for Dimwitz:

"Moronic Genius, but without the genius part. With Dimwitz, Hines' ambition far exceeded his talent-because he has no talent" -San Francisco Comic Review

"Absurd! Triangle! A schizophrenic nightmare!" -Some guy under a park bench

"An orgasmic explosion of 0's and 1's forming pixels on a screen" -Token artsy jerk

"Dimwitz will likely solve the elusive unified field theory" - Dr. Steven Hawking, Cosmologist

"An inconsistent and childish nitemare-much like Hines. Good for maybe an awkward laugh at best, the kind when you're embarrassed for everyone" - The New York Times

"well um, I can honestly say Hines' style of drawing is not only of a 3rd grade caliber right down to the spaghetti arms he draws, but it made me throw up-no, literally-see this spot on my tie?" -Professor of Art, the Bauhaus school

"Talking ice cream cones, bears with jet packs, a penchant for mittens, unicycles-yeah, there's really something there to make everyone sick."-Betty White, loveable octogenarian sweetheart actress.

"Hopefully enough to pay the rent, maybe get a girl who's a 4 or 5 out of 10, and then to eventually remove the black sheet over my mirror" -Dimwitz Creator Brad Hines

"Surely we will all see Dimwitz creator Brad Hines in hell" -Brad's Mom

"Dimwitz? Hah! It will be but another smoldering ember of shame in the wake of my comic-powerhouse-regime-hell, rotting flesh and sinew torn ravenously from the bone by my merchandising regime." -Fellow comic artist and Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

"Listen Brad, I'm sorry, but I refuse to give you a testimonial-I've never even seen the thi-Wait, What are you doing?!? NO! YOU'RE CRAZY! PUT THAT AWAY, LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS FIRST! (struggle ensues) HELP! HELP! NO! NO! LET GO OF MY SUSPENDERS, I NEED THOSE TO LIVE!" -Larry King of the the former Larry King Live

"Like a never ending nightmare" -Burt Reynolds, washed up actor

"Hey everyone, watch me tap dance!" -Tony Danza, incredibly aloof washed up actor.

"Yeah...technically, I made this" -God







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